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Perlman. Yes.

(via fyspringfield)


"Do something that makes you happy, as positive moods make us even better at diagnosing the value of our creative work."

- Jonah Lehrer



Teaser Trailer (of Tears)

SAD GUYS is a sort-of-comedy about a couple of guys going through a couple of break-ups. Written by/Starring Jace Armstrong & Justin Michael. Directed by Johnny Meeks.

Everyone working on this is super cool and talented, it’s a surefire awesome thing. Can’t wait to see it!


Alternate costume idea: Scorpion with Ryan Gosling jacket

This is where I live
Couldn’t be more excited for Stella’s acting debut. Especially when Jon Mackey makes it look so good

My favorite thing in the world right now. Listen to it for an especially good summer day. The video almost tops the song…almost.